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"Klein turns the title on its head as Helen lets down her defenses with beautiful sincerity." -- Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle (Wild Applause Little Man!)


"Both actors exude the awkwardness, vulnerability, sweetness, and sadness of their characters. Klein, in the lead role and in every scene of the play, is a newbie to the Majestic. She is instantly likeable, particularly as she pokes fun at her ice cream loving full figure size. She is sarcastic with a sense of humor that is able to soften her own blows. Lonoff and Klein could have easily put Maureen in a very dark place, but that would have been an easy out. Instead, this is a woman with an equal share of doubt and hope for her future."  -- Shera Cohen, In The Spotlight


"Liliane Klein's Nurse is pitch-perfect" -- Geary Danihy, CT Theatre News and Reviews


"A standout was Liliane Klein as Queen Victoria. Not only was she breathtakingly beautiful, but her vocals were superb. It was impossible to view her as anything but a queen." -- Robin Shaye,


"...and when you bring on Queen Victoria, I'm in Heaven!...Liliane Klein as Queen Victoria is a treat." -- Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review


"Another actor who shines in this show is Liliane Klein who plays Paulette. She skillfully squeezes every ounce of sympathy from the audience while batting her fluorescent green eyelids. Both Korelewski and Klein have chemistry and believability as fast friends and under the musical direction of Matt Stern, the songs "Ireland", "Positive" and "Bend and Snap" sound light and joyous." -- Janine de Souza, Quick Take Review


"Klein delivers a radiant performance as a smart, funny, talented woman trapped in a society where none of those qualities matters as much as her dress size." -- Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News

"Helen, played by Liliane Klein, is zaftig rather than obese, and the connection she and Tom develop is deep, rich, and full of warm humor and sexually charged repartee...The real star of the show [is] Klein who shines as Helen, a woman who has managed to maintain relative psychological health amid a culture that piles hatred and disgust upon her in equal measure. Klein’s performance offers up a Helen who is sexy, beautiful and self-deprecating: A plus-sized woman who has fought shame to be comfortable with who she is." -- Elaine Beale, EDGE, San Francisco

"Brazenly honest about her size and unaffected by the opinions of others, Klein's Helen is radiant, funny and strong-willed. Her interaction with Tom is refreshingly sincere, and every moment she is onstage is a joy." -- Arielle Little, The Daily Californian

"Klein gives an endearing performance. You want to know and be friends with this girl." -- Suzanne Weiss,

"Liliane Klein is simply wonderful as Helen, with a wild laugh and a sturdy self-awareness that make her as deeply attractive to us as she is to Tom." -- Louise Kennedy, The Boston Globe

"Liliane Klein is a revelation as Helen. Granted, hers is the only truly likeable character, but Klein's performance feels authentic from start to finish.  Whether boldly chomping down her big lunch, explaining her lack of shame, or confronting Tom about his reticence, she remains true to the persona she has created.  (Spoiler alert) In the final scene, when Helen sees it all unraveling, she eats, she cries, and resorts to the ultimate plea, "I'd change for you." Klein enables us to feel this love and Helen's horrible desperation and we ache for her." -- Nancy Grossman ,

"Helen (played by a glowing and likeable Liliane Klein, an alumnae of Boston University), smart, sexy, funny, easily the most centered and personable character in the play... The chemistry between Klein and Ryen is sweet and crackles with sexual tension in the first hopeful scenes... The SpeakEasy production is definitely a professional one, with its biggest (sorry, pun again not intended) ace in the hole being Klein's portrayal of Helen. Klein shines in every moment she has on stage, and you hope she goes on to more substantial roles, especially ones in which her character is treated better." -- Jennifer Bubriski, EDGE Boston

"Klein could not be more authentic in the role. You like her, you really do." -- Jim Dorman, The Patriot Ledger

"Then there is a star turned delivered by Liliane Klein as Yvette Boyette, a Zeta pledge, who makes the stage her own, prancing and pirouetting and easily winning the heart of campus maintenance man Curtis Costard, played with quiet passion by Tim Shelton." -- Robert C. Pollack, Shoreline Times, CT

"Liliane Klein and Dan Renkin are wildly funny as Audrey and Touchstone respectively." --  Irene Backalenick, CT Post



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